Welcome to Star Trek Peacemaker, a fan fiction that follows the missions of the crew of a new federation starship, the Peacemaker. The series begins one year following the events of the fan fiction Star Trek Dragon, however you do not need to read STDragon to enjoy the stories of Captain Andrews and his crew.

The Alpha and Beta Quadrants have been changed forever. Following the deadliest war the Federation has ever fought, Starfleet commissions a ship with the express mission of maintaining peace within a Federation now struggling to pick up the pieces. However the Peacemaker's mission is no easy task as multiple powers, both from within the Federation and from other governments, try to seize control in the power vacuum following the downfall of Federation President Milton and his right hand Admiral Chavez. One year has passed, and much has changed, but that was only the beginning. A new, bold future lies ahead, and the Peacemaker crew will be among the first to forge the path into that new future!

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