Hurricane Class Support Ship

Height-37.5 meters
Length-170.68 meters

Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 2,376,000 TeraJoules
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium
Double hull plus 20 cm Ablative armour
High-level Structural Integrity Field

4 x Class I rapid fire phaser pulse cannon
1 x Type X phaser bank, total output 70,000 TeraWatts
3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tube
1 x Probe/photon launcher equivalent to standard photon torpedo tube with 120 rounds

Normal Cruise: 6
Maximum Cruise: 8.7
Maximum Rated: 9.5 for 12 hours

Shuttle and Fighter capacity:
1 x Delta Flyer Shuttle

Refit cycle:
Minor: 0 years
Standard: 0 years
Major: 5 years

Expected Hull life: 20 years

The Hurricane design was first initiated in 2364, as a prototype for the Defiant Class. It is based on the saucer section of an Intrepid class, and it was to be used as a support ship for bases and for heavy combat. However, when the prototype was created, Starfleet felt that it was not suitable for Combat, so they changed to design to what is now the Defiant Class. Rather than scrap the prototype Hurricane ship, Admiral Necheyev secured it and gave it to her son, Peter Andrews, who used it in a mission in his last year at the academy, when he was able to locate and save a priceless Andorian Statue. Starfleet felt that the Hurricane Class had potential, but they couldn’t afford to put it into production, with the construction of the Defiant and Sovereign Class ships being their priority. As such, the Hurricane Class was shelved, and mostly forgotten about.

When the Kiklar threat loomed, Starfleet felt that it would be time to bring the Hurricane Class back into production. New weapons were created for the ship, although the construction suffered a setback. However, the Hurricane Class was launched in the early 2380’s, near the end of the Kiklar War. When the Kiklar attacked the Starfleet base in the Kaht system, a small fleet of five Hurricane ships fought the Kiklar with the battle group that was in the system. Although two of the Hurricane’s were destroyed, they made such an impact that Starfleet felt that they could be used as Warships like the Defiant class.

Peter Andrews’s Hurricane Class starship, the Horner, was upgraded, on the order of Admiral Necheyev, and was going to be used in the final battle of the war, but an imbalance in the Warp Core prevented it from happening.

During the next year, ten more Hurricane Class ships were built, incorporating the new designs that the Chiss gave the Federation. The Horner was again upgraded, and it was decided that the Hurricane Class would be attached to the Peacemaker Class.

On the Peacemaker’s first mission, the Hurricane Class PSS Horner (Peter’s StarShip) was outfitted with a cloaking device given to the Peacemaker by Praetor D’varin.