Name: Tral
Species: Ferengi
Rank: Ensign
Date of Birth: 27th June 2361
Place of Birth: Ferenginar
Mother: Tralia
Father: Brik
Siblings: None
Education History:
2379-2382 – StarfleetAcademy




Service Record:
New Academy Graduate

Personal History:

Tral was born on Ferenginar, and was raised in true Ferengi tradition; Greed and profit. He learnt the Rules of Acquisition at a young age, making his parents proud. However, there was one rule that neither Brik nor Tralia followed; Tralia always wore clothes, and gave Brik financial advice. Brik always accepted the help, and she also taught Tral about Finance.

By the time Tral turned ten, he was able to recall every Rule of Acquisition without hesitation, which was something that his father was pleased about. Tral was then taken to the space station Deep Space Nine, where he learnt about Nog, the first Ferengi to ever attend StarfleetAcademy. Tral wanted to follow in his footsteps, and started to learn piloting skills in Quark’s Holosuites while he was there.

By the time Tral was fifteen, he had aced all of the training scenario’s he could get his hands on, and applied to Starfleet. However, he was rejected because he was too young. He wasn’t disheartened, and continued to train and study as much as he could. When he turned eighteen, he was accepted into the Academy.

He met Jennifer Russell during his first week, and the two became best friends. It was thanks to Jen that Tral was able to grasp his studies, but he showed exceptional skills in piloting, which impressed most of his instructors.

During the Kiklar War, he studied all of the battle logs, and was impressed by two Captain’s; Chris Harriman and Peter Andrews.

He graduated a year early, and was named Valedictorian. He was then approached by Captain Peter Andrews, and named Chief Helm Officer on the USS Peacemaker.