Name: Kalia Tarkent
Rank: Commander
Date of Birth: May 13th, 2347
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Mother: Commander Avery Tarkent
Father: Andrew Tarkent
Siblings: Tyler Tarkent – Brother
Carl Tarkent - Brother
Education History:
2362 – 2365 Janesville Central High School
2365 – 2368 Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
2368: USS Ambassador NCC-10521 (Engineer, Lieutenant)
2368 - 2369: USS Bozeman NCC-65713(Engineer, Lieutenant)
2369 – 2371: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Engineer, Lieutenant)
2371 – 2372: USS Bozeman NCC-65713 (Junior Chief Engineer, Lieutenant)
2372 – 2374: USS Challenger NCC-71099 (Junior Chief Engineer, Lieutenant)
2374 – 2375: USS Galaxy NCC-70637 (Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander)
2375 – 2377: USS Swansea NCC-72677 (Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander)
2377 – 2378: USS Dragon NCC-27749-A (Chief Engineer, Commander)
2378 – 2379: Starfleet Research and Development (Project Leader, Commander)
2379 – 2381: USS Sentinel NX-91200 (Chief Engineer, Commander)
2381 – 2382: Starfleet Research and Development (Kiklar Research Project Leader, Commander)

Personal History:

Kalia was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin on Earth. Her mother was an officer working for Starfleet Command while her father was a civilian scientist who specialized in warp mechanics.

Although she showed no interest for the first decade of her life, she grew up surrounded by engine schematics, model warp cores and various engineering tools. She began to show more interest in her father’s work by the age of eleven, to which her father began teaching her about his work.

When Kalia was fourteen, her mother, resentful for missing so much of Kalia’s life, took a year of leave from Starfleet. After a rather big argument with Kalia about her return to Starfleet, she made Kalia attend a six week camp designed to show teenagers what Starfleet was all about and what the life of a Starfleet officer was like. Though not entirely convinced, Kalia began to respect her mother and her work more after this.

After graduating from Janesville Central High School, she chose to immediately enter Starfleet Academy and began attending classes and physical training during the summer semester. She briefly met Peter Andrews and Alex Greystone when she entered, and became friends with Chris Harriman and Sarah Caft, also friends of Peter and Alex.

During her time at the Academy, Kalia focused on advanced warp theory and warp mechanics, and was an assistant to two professors on prominent projects.

Until she served aboard the Dragon-A, Kalia bounced around from starship to starship, never willing to stay aboard one for more than two years at a time. More often than not she had disagreements with her CO’s and disliked almost all of their command styles. The one exception became Chris Harriman, who, although not consecutively, she served under for more than five years (three of which were spent in the Kalium Galaxy aboard the Dragon-A. Upon the ship’s return, they discovered that their trip to the other side of the galaxy had also sent them three years back in time. To the rest of the Federation, the ship had been missing for one month, but to them, they had spent three years in the Kalium Galaxy.)

At the end of the Kiklar War, Kalia returned to Starfleet R&D as the Kiklar Research Project Leader, most of which time was spent studying the captured Kiklar Command Ship and designing new technology based upon the Kiklar designs.