Name: Kimberly Stone (Member of the house of K’kral)
Species: Human
Rank: Commander
Date of Birth: 5th January 2348
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Mother: Retired Ambassador Amanda Stone
Father: Ambassador Mike Stone (Deceased)
Siblings: Commander Julia Richards – Sister
Education History:
2363-2365 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2365-2369 – Starfleet Academy




Service Record:
2369-2370: USS Alexander NCC 67583 (Operations officer-Ensign)
2370-2372: USS Alexander NCC 67583 (Chief of Operations-Lt. JG)
2372-2374: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Chief of Operations-Lt.)
2374-2377: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Chief of Operations-Lt. Commander)
2377-2379: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (First Officer-Commander)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (First Officer-Commander)
2381-2382: Starfleet Headquarters (Starfleet Operations-Commander)

Personal History:

Born in 2348, Kimberly was born on Vulcan while his parents were on duty as Ambassadors to Vulcan. She was born with a twin, Julia Stone, who was born less than three minutes after Kimberly was.

Julia and Kimberly were raised all across the Alpha Quadrant, since their parents travelled often due to their assignments. Although Amanda and Mike tried to stay together as often as they could, they were sometimes separated, so when Amanda took Julia with her, Mike took Kimberly with him, and when Mike took Julia, Kimberly went with Amanda. Because of this, both girls grew up with a natural instinct for languages.

When Kimberly was five years old, her parents were on Qo’nos, on a temporary assignment. Kimberly went for a walk, and ended up getting lost, which is never a good thing to happen on Qo’nos. She came across a pack of wild Targ, who started to chase her. Kimberly would not have survived the encounter if it were not for a young Klingon named Korg. Korg, who was ten at the time, was Targ hunting, and they had seen Kimberly. Korg saved Kimberly’s life, and the two of them became friends.

Kimberly was ten when she saw Korg again. Her parents had returned to Qo’nos, and they met up. Korg and Kimberly went out together on a Targ hunt, and Korg showed her all the important factors of hunting. Korg then promised to be there when Kimberly needed help.

Kimberly’s eleventh birthday was marred with sadness. Mike, who was on his way to visit her and Julia, both of whom were on Earth, was involved in a shuttle accident, and he died. His death hit Kimberly and Julia hard, since they were close to their dad. Amanda retired from the diplomatic core to raise her two daughters as best she could.

Kimberly and Julia became inseparable, as sisters generally were. They went out with their friends together, they went on dates together, and even slept in the same room. At the age of fifteen, they were both accepted into Zephram Cochrane High School, and they took the same lessons, studying together, always putting their studies above everything else.

When they were accepted into the academy, they both chose to go down the road of an operations officer. The commandant of Starfleet academy put them in the same dorm, sharing a room, since they had asked him to. When Julia met Connor Richards, Kimberly always supported her, and stood by her if she needed help. Connor was also a Starfleet cadet, although he was a pilot. As they entered their final year, Connor and Julia got married, with Kimberly as Maid of Honour.

They graduated from the Academy, and Kimberly was assigned to the Alexander, whilst Julia was assigned to the Hood. They may have been apart, but they were still very close, calling each other every day.

In 2370, Kimberly was promoted to the rank of Lt. JG and given the role of Chief of Operations, after the previous Ops chief retired. Kimberly served on the Hood with distinction for two years, until she was promoted to full Lt. and named Chief of Operations on the USS Kirk under Captain Peter Andrews.

In 2373, when a Klingon was assigned to the Kirk, as part of an exchange programme, Kimberly was delighted to see Korg again. He had grown, and was named Security and Tactical chief of the Kirk. When his time to return to the Empire came, Kimberly begged him to stay, and he did, accepting a Starfleet commission.

In 2374, Kimberly was promoted to Lt. Commander, a decision that was supported by Korg. At that time Korg, having seen Kimberly perform her duties, and fought alongside her during the Dominion War, named her a member of his house. This was an honour Kimberly was only too happy to accept.

In 2377, the first officer of the Kirk was given his own command, and Peter named Kimberly first officer, with a young James Racktor taking over as Operations Chief. Kimberly took on her new role with enthusiasm, and determination. She would not let Peter down.

When the Kirk was destroyed in 2379, Kimberly helped Peter to come to terms with the death of his wife, Mariah. They were assigned to the Galaxy Class USS Teardrop for the Kiklar war, and the battles Kimberly saw hardened her into a strong First Officer. It was during the war that she became romantically involved with the Marine CO, Les Foster. Korg kept an eye on Foster for a few months, but when Les saved Kimberly’s life, Korg trusted him.

In 2381, the Teardrop was destroyed over Earth in the final battle of the Kiklar War. However, as the senior officers escaped on the Captain’s yacht, three Kiklar droids beamed aboard. Two of them were destroyed, but the third seriously injured Peter before it was destroyed. Kimberly promised Peter she would not take another position unless he was her captain.

When Peter was given command of the Peacemaker, he only wanted one person for his first officer, and Kimberly accepted the role without hesitation.