Name: James Racktor
Species: Human
Rank: Lt. Commander
Date of Birth: 12th December 2352
Place of Birth: London, Earth
Mother: Julia Reed
Father: John Racktor
Siblings: None
Education History:
2369-2373 – Starfleet Academy





Service Record:
2373-2376: USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E (Operations Officer-Lt. JG)
2376-2377: USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E (Assistant Chief of Operations-Lt.)
2377-2379: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Chief of Operations-Lt.)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (Chief of Operations-Lt. Commander)
2381-2382: London, Earth (Retired)

Personal History:

James is the descendant of Malcolm Reed, of the original Enterprise. James was born in London, to two civilian teachers. He was the only child of John Racktor and Julia Reed, and Julia almost died giving birth to him. She was told that she would never be able to have children again, so John and Julia spoilt James.

James grew up away from Starfleet, because his parents didn’t want him to join like his grandparents. His great grandfather, who died years before James was born, had served on the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 A, under Captain Kirk. Try as they might, Julia and John could not stop James learning about his family’s history with Starfleet.

When James was Seven, he found a box of personal logs in his parent’s attic, all containing logs from Malcolm Reed, as well as Christian Reed, who had served on the Enterprise A. James found out that they were the only two people in the family who had ever served in Starfleet or even left the solar system. James was intrigued, and started to use every chance he got to find out more about his family.

At the age of ten, James started to read more about computer programming, and became conversant in using different types of computers for different reasons, hacking into someone’s personal files, changing computer programmes and so on. He managed to do this without anyone finding out

When James was twelve, he saw a Shuttle picking up several new students bound for Starfleet academy. He snuck onboard, and managed to hide from everyone. When the shuttle arrived, James got away, and wandered around the academy, taking in every detail he could. A Starfleet Captain, Jean Luc Picard, caught him. Captain Picard took him home personally. James was impressed by all he had seen, and wanted to join Starfleet.

At the age of fifteen, James wanted to go to Zephram Cochrane High School, since it was a widely known fact that most new cadets at the academy went there first. His parents refused to allow that to happen, so James studied at home, learning everything he thought was necessary to be a Starfleet officer, although he didn’t quite take to engineering.

When James was sixteen, he applied to Starfleet, but was turned down. This upset him, and that was when his parents realised that he had to lead his own life. They contacted Jean Luc Picard, and asked for his help. Captain Picard agreed, and at the age of seventeen, James was accepted into Starfleet academy.

James took to his operations course with great enthusiasm. He showed a weakness in engineering, but made up for it with a natural talent for languages. He studied hard, hardly ever going out with his friends.

When James graduated, he was the Valedictorian of his class, and he knew what ship he wanted to go on right away. He signed up for the Enterprise under Captain Picard, who accepted him right away and gave him the rank of Lt. JG.

James made great strides whilst on the Enterprise. He learnt more on the Enterprise than he had done at the academy, and he was even able to pick up two hobbies, courtesy of Commander Riker: Poker, and playing the Trumpet. He once performed for the crew along with Riker, Data and a couple of other officers.

In 2376, James was promoted to full Lt. and named Assistant Chief of Operations. By this time, James had become friends with quite a few of the senior staff, all of whom had told him stories about Captain Harriman, since he had served on the Enterprise at one point. James was impressed, and hoped that one day he would be remembered as fondly.

The following year, James was offered the position of Chief of Operations on the USS Kirk, under Captain Peter Andrews. After consulting with his friends on the Enterprise, he accepted the role, and was transferred. Whilst on the Kirk, James helped to make first contact with two different alien species, thanks to his skill with languages.

When the Kirk was destroyed in 2379, James transferred to the Teardrop under Captain Andrews. Peter gave James a promotion to Lt. Commander, which made James’s parents proud. They sent him messages as often as they could; always making sure that James was ok.

During the war, James was instrumental in discovering President Milton and Admiral Chavez’s spies on the Teardrop. Two of them were found to be from the mirror universe. James was then able to reprogramme the computers to block out the spies.

At the end of the Kiklar war, James retired from Starfleet, wanting to spend more time with his family. However, in 2382, he was sent a message by Peter Andrews asking him to return to duty. Although he was sceptical at first, he agreed when he heard that it was the Peacemaker, the one ship that would outstrip even the Sentinel class.