Name: Alice Peters
Species: Human
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of Birth: 21st February 2351
Place of Birth: LA, Earth
Mother: Wendy Peters
Father: Lt. Commander David Peters (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Education History:
2366-2368 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2368-2372 – Starfleet Academy





Service Record:
2372-2375: USS Paradise (Science Officer-Ensign)
2375-2378: USS Paradise (Science Officer-Lt. JG)
2378-2380: USS Paradise (Assistant Chief Science Officer-Lt.)
2380-2382: USS Paradise (Chief Science Officer-Lt.)

Personal History:

Alice Peters is the only child of David and Wendy Peters. Dave was a Starfleet officer, and Wendy a writer. Alice grew up raised around both writing and piloting.

When Alice was five, she wrote a poem that won first prize in a contest, making Wendy and Dave proud of her. Alice continued writing, always feeling most comfortable when she was writing something.

At the age of eight, Alice went with her father when he was assigned as pilot of a starship, and one of their stops was Betazed. It was there that she met Dawn Greystone, who soon became her best friend.

As she grew up, she learnt more about Starfleet, and wanted to join. She visited the Academy with her father several times, enjoying herself, which only strengthened her resolve to go to Starfleet.

When she was thirteen, Dawn went to Zephram Cochrane High School, and Alice begged Wendy and Dave to allow Dawn to live with them. They agreed, and the two girls became even closer.

When Alice attended Zephram Cochrane High School, she showed an ability to grasp sciences better than most. She gave up on her plan to become a pilot, and started to study science as much as she could. Her favourite was Biology and Chemistry.

When she attended Starfleet Academy, Dawn and Alice were reunited, and they developed their relationship from friendship to love. Dave and Wendy supported Alice, which made her happy.

During her time at the Academy, she was able to pick up everything in her lessons, even picking up a talent for gardening from Boothby, the groundskeeper of the Academy.

When she graduated, she was assigned to the USS Paradise alongside Dawn, which made her the happiest. They both continued their relationship, as well as working as hard as they could.

In 2375, Alice was able to come up with a cure for a disease that had been unleashed on an innocent population by an unknown alien species. She was given a promotion to Lt. JG, and given an award by Starfleet Science.

In 2378, she was able to find a cure to a plague on a near dead world. Her actions almost killed her, and she was promoted to a full Lt.

During the Kiklar War, the Kiklar attacked the battle group, and the Kiklar abducted a number of crewmembers. Dawn was among the crewmembers taken, and Alice begged the captain to go after them. The captain agreed, and when they reached the Kiklar, most of the crew that were kidnapped were recovered. Dawn was beamed to Alice’s science lab, and Dawn tried to kill Alice, which hurt Alice emotionally. However, thanks to her determination to save Dawn. Because the Chief Science Officer had been among those taken and not retrieved, Alice was named Chief Science Officer of the Paradise.

At the end of the war, Dawn proposed to Alice, and she agreed. However, Dawn wanted to wait until Peter Andrews, her brother’s best friend, was released from Starfleet Medical, which Alice agreed to.

When Peter Andrews was released, they planned to have the wedding a few months later, but then Dawn was assigned to the Albatross and Alice to the Peacemaker under Captain Andrews. She was ecstatic to learn that Dawn had then been reassigned to the Peacemaker, so the two could continue their relationship.