Name: Vima Larkinson
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of Birth: 8th July 2360
Place of Birth: Unknown Slave Camp
Mother: Unknown
Father: Dr. Jeffrey Larkinson (Adopted Father)
Siblings: None
Education History:
2375-2378 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2379-2383 – Starfleet Academy




Service Record:
New Graduate of the Academy

Personal History:

Vima was born in a slave camp belonging to the Orion Syndicate. Not much is known about her parents, but when she was two years old, Dr. Jeffrey Larkinson, a renowned scientist, came across the Orion syndicate in a bar, at least a member who had Vima, and he brought her from him. He then gave her the name Vima Larkinson, and took her back to Earth with him.

As Vima grew up, she was teased about the colour of her skin, but Jeffrey told her to ignore the children, and also began to teach her basic self defense. Once it was learnt that she could defend herself, she wasn’t bullied.

When she turned thirteen, she realized that she could manipulate men by using her pheromones. She didn’t like this, however, and asked Jeffrey to come up with a way to stop that from happening. Jeffrey didn’t manage it, but he was able to help her to get full control of her Pheromones.

In 2375, at the age of 15, she was enrolled at Zephram Cochrane High School, as it was well known that it was where anyone wanting to be a cadet went to. She excelled in all of her science classes, thanks to her father. Her teachers were so impressed, they gave her academy level science work. She struggled to begin with, but she was a natural, and thus picked up her lessons with complete ease.

She was granted entry into the academy, where she, once again, proved herself in her science classes. She lagged behind in other lessons, most especially piloting and engineering, so she minored in medical.

She read up on the Kiklar War whilst at the academy, and became fascinated with several Captain’s, most notably, Captain’s Harriman and Andrews, both of whom were front line fighters during the war.

In 2383, she graduated from the Academy, and spent some time at Starfleet Science, until she was called up for service on the USS Peacemaker, under Captain Andrews, a man she had admired from the Kiklar war.