Name: Korg, son of K’kral
Species: Klingon
Rank: Lt. Commander
Date of Birth: 17th July 2343
Place of Birth: Qo’nos
Mother: V’kara (Deceased)
Father: General K’kral
Siblings: None
Education History:
2358-2363 – Klingon Training Academy





Service Record:
2363-2373: IKS V’kara (Tactical Chief)
2373-2376: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Security/Tactical Chief -Lt.)
2376-2379: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Security/Tactical Chief -Lt. Commander)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (Security/Tactical Chief -Lt. Commander)
2381-2382: Starfleet Security (Security officer-Lt. Commander)

Personal History:

Korg, son of K’kral, was born on Qo’nos to two warriors, during the heat of battle between two families. Once Korg was born, V’kara was about to rejoin the fight when she was killed. K’kral shielded Korg, but this experience would be one that Korg would be told when he was older.

At the age of five, Korg started to fight like a warrior. His father taught him how to wield a Bat’leth, as well as several other Klingon weapons. Korg wanted to grow stronger so that he might one day find the man that killed his mother.

Korg was taken Targ hunting for the first time at the age of ten. Whilst out, he came across a human girl, Kimberly Stone, who was with her parents at the time. He found her about to be attacked by wild Targ, and thus, he attack and killed the Targ without any help from his father. This made his father proud of him, and Korg received the family Bat’leth as a reward.

When Korg was fifteen, he went to the Klingon Training academy, training to become a tactical officer on his father’s ship, the IKS V’kara, so named after his mother. He fought his way through the academy, top of his classes.

Whilst at the academy, he discovered the location of the Klingon who had killed his mother. Despite being seventeen, Korg took up his weapons, and hunted the man down. He fought with the warrior, and emerged victorious, earning him praise from his father, and from the academy, for fulfilling a blood oath.

As soon as he graduated, he became the Tactical Chief on the V’kara, serving with distinction. He served with his father for ten years, until 2373, when he was asked to take part in an exchange programme. He agreed, and was assigned to the USS Kirk. He was meant to be involved in a single mission, but he was impressed by the crew’s courage, and stayed, also because of his old friend, Kimberly Stone.

The following year, he took Kimberly into his house, after having fought with her during the war, and naming her a worthy member of the house of K’kral. Kimberly and K’kral both agreed to this, and from then on, Kimberly would be a valued member of his house.

When the Kirk was destroyed in 2379, Korg joined Kimberly and Peter on the Teardrop, and was glad when Captain Andrews was named a Battle Group commander. He was even more pleased when the V’kara was assigned to the battle group.

During the Kiklar war, Korg, Peter, Kimberly and K’kral fought together many times, both in ship to ship combat and in hand to hand combat. The battle group was instrumental in keeping Vulcan from the Kiklar, as was Korg.

In the final battle above Earth, the Teardrop was destroyed, but it died a warrior’s death, taking a Kiklar Cruiser with it. Korg was then offered the position of Chief Tactical officer on the V’kara, but he rejected it, waiting for the time when Peter Andrews would be given command of a ship again.

His gamble paid off when Peter was given command of the USS Peacemaker, and Korg was named Security/Tactical Chief.