Name: Alex Greystone
Rank: Commander
Date of Birth: 12th December 2344
Place of Birth: California, Earth
Mother: Christina Burnley
Stepmother: Admiral Julia Greystone
Father: Admiral Robert Greystone
Siblings: Dawn Greystone – Half Sister
Education History:
2359-2361 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2361-2365 – Starfleet Academy





Service Record:
2365-2371: USS Archer NCC 69552 (Engineering officer-Lt. JG)
2371-2372: USS Archer NCC 69552 (Chief Engineer-Lt.)
2372-2379: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Chief Engineer-Lt. Commander)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (Chief Engineer-Commander)
2381-2382: Utopia Planetia Shipyards (Project overseer-Commander)

Personal History:

Alex was born in California, on the 1st anniversary of his parents wedding. He was always a quiet boy, which his parents were thankful for.

When Alex was one, his mother died in a shuttle accident. Robert was distraught, but he managed to be strong, thanks to Alex. Alex never quite understood what his father was so upset about.

When Alex was five, Robert remarried to a Betazoid, Julia Craine, who, soon after, bore Alex’s sister Dawn. Alex grew up protecting Dawn, never allowing anyone to hurt her.

When Alex turned ten, he was camping with his parents on Garris Five, when he came across a crashed Starfleet vessel, a Constitution class ship. He managed to get onboard, and found his way to the engine room. He was fascinated by the technology, and thus his love of engineering began.

At the age of fifteen, he was accepted into Zephram Cochrane High School, where he met Peter Andrews. They became best friends, enjoying their time together there. They got into trouble a few times, but nothing too serious.

When they graduated from the high school, they both gained admission into Starfleet Academy, thanks to Peter’s mother sponsoring them both. While in his first year, Alex managed to build a shuttle engine from spare parts, and it also flew well. It was used as a test subject, for which he gained extra credit.

In his last year at the academy, he, Peter, Chris Harriman and Sarah Caft went on a mission together in Peter’s ship. Thanks to Alex’s engineering skills, he was able to keep the Horner in one piece.

As soon as he graduated from the Academy, Alex was assigned to the Ambassador Class USS Archer. He worked in engineering, making sure that he always kept going with his projects. One such project gave the Archer a new shuttle.

In 2371, Alex was promoted to Chief Engineer on the Archer, and he remained there for a further year, until the Kirk was launched. Alex signed on as Chief Engineer, but on the Kirk’s first mission, they were involved in a battle that caused the death of the Captain. However, Peter then took that role.

In 2379, the Kirk was attacked and destroyed just before the Kiklar War began. However, Alex survived, and was assigned to the USS Teardrop, under Peter again, for the duration of the Kiklar war.

The War came to an end in 2381, and it was in the final battle that the Teardrop was destroyed. However, Alex signed on to Utopia Planetia, to oversee the final stages of the Peacemaker Project, which was transferred there from a hidden base. Now, one year later, Alex is again serving under Peter, on the USS Peacemaker.