Name: Les Foster
Species: Human
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Date of Birth: 15th April 2347
Place of Birth: Africa, Earth
Mother: Alyssa Foster
Father: Major John "Widowmaker" Foster
Siblings: Serena Foster
Education History:
2364-2370: Starfleet Marine Core Training



Service Record:
2370-2373: USS Venture (Marine-Sergeant)
2373-2376: Classified
2376-2379: USS Venture (Marine CO-Lt. Colonel)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (Marine CO-Lt. Colonel)
2381-2382: Starfleet Marine Core Training (Combat tutor-Lt. Colonel)

Personal History:

Les was born in 2347 to a civilian mother and a Marine father. His father, known as Widowmaker for the amount of kills he made, was tough on Les from day one, but that was because he loved him.

Les grew up hearing all about his father and the many battles he fought. He was impressed by his father’s courage, and his dedication to duty. By the time he reached the age of seven, he wanted to be a marine like his father, so John started to train his son in all forms of combat, using the same techniques used at the Marine Core training ground.

At the age of eleven, Les was already adept at ten different forms of martial arts, and was a good shot with many weapons, both projectile weapons and energy weapons. John was proud of Les, and put his name up for entry for the Marine training core when he was old enough.

At the age of sixteen, Les picked up a habit of his fathers: He started to smoke Cigars. His father was one of the last few people who ever smoked, and although he wasn’t pleased with Les for taking up smoking, he let him make his own choices.

At the age of seventeen, Les entered the Marine Training ground with more knowledge and skills than most of the recruits. This gave him an edge in his classes, and during the course of the six years he was there, he impressed all of the right people, so when he graduated, he was offered a shipboard choice of his liking. Les chose the USS Venture; the captain was an old friend of his father’s.

Les served as a Marine for three years before being chosen for a classified assignment. All records on the assignment were filed away, and none but the top level Marine Commanders could access them. When he returned, he went back to the Venture as Marine XO, with a rank of Captain. Les doesn’t talk about his three-year assignment, but whatever it was, it hardened him to becoming as tough as his father.

Les spent another three years on the Venture before being promoted to Marine CO aboard the USS Teardrop, under Captain Peter Andrews. To him, Andrews was a little young to be a CO, but then, most good Captains were young.

Whilst on the Teardrop, Les formed a romantic relationship with Kimberly Stone. The two are still dating, both of them in love with one another.

When the Teardrop was destroyed, Les accepted a temporary post at the Marine Training ground as tutor, until Peter was named CO of the Peacemaker. Les signed up immediately, and was named Marine CO.