Name: Dawn Greystone
Species: Human/Betazoid
Rank: Lt. Commander
Date of Birth: 7th August 2349
Place of Birth: Betazed
Mother: Admiral Julia Greystone
Father: Admiral Robert Greystone
Siblings: Commander Alex Greystone-Half Brother
Education History:
2364-2366 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2366-2370 – Starfleet Academy





Service Record:
2370-2373: USS Paradise (Counselling Officer-Ensign)
2373-2377: USS Paradise (Counselling Officer-Lt. JG)
2377-2382: USS Paradise (Assistant Chief Counsellor-Lt.)

Personal History:

Dawn Greystone was born to Robert and Julia Greystone, Julia being a Betazoid. She also had an older half-brother, Alex, who made it his mission in life to keep her safe.

Growing up, Dawn was trained to use her empathic and limited telepathic abilities by her mother, who was, at the time, the Chief Counsellor of the USS Moonshine, whilst Robert was in command of the ship. During the first ten years of her life, Dawn spent a lot of time reading up on counselling techniques and developing her skills.

When Dawn was ten, she went on vacation to Betazoid with her aunt, where she learnt about her Betazoid heritage, as well as Betazoid tradition. It was while she was on Betazed that she met David Peters, a Starfleet pilot, who also had a daughter, Alice, who was eight. Dawn and Alice became best friends, although she didn’t tell her family.

As Dawn and Alice grew up, their friendship became stronger, both of them spending a lot of time together. When Dawn was accepted into Zephram Cochrane High School, Alice asked her father to let Dawn stay with them since they were nearby. Dave agreed, and Alice moved in with the Peters family.

When Dawn was accepted into Starfleet Academy, Alice was the first one to congratulate her. Alice at that time had just been accepted into Zephram Cochrane High School, with a plan to apply for Starfleet two years later.

When Dawn was nineteen, Alice attended Starfleet Academy, and there the two of them deepened their friendship into love, and they began a romantic relationship. Despite being teased, they didn’t let anyone tell them what to do, since they loved each other so much.

Dawn graduated two years later, and when she did, she was assigned to the Paradise, a Galaxy class Starship. She kept in contact with Alice until she graduated, and when she did, Alice was assigned to the Paradise as Science Officer.

The Paradise was mostly involved in battles during the Dominion War, and as such, her work was cut out for her. In one battle, the ship was boarded, and Alice and Dawn fought together side-by-side, helping to push back the invaders.

When the Kiklar War began, the Paradise was mostly assigned to DS9, to keep the station safe from Kiklar incursion into the Gamma Quadrant.

The Paradise and her battle group encountered a Kiklar fleet, and a number of crewmembers were abducted, including Dawn. Dawn was brainwashed by the Kiklar, and when the Paradise reached the Kiklar fleet, they attacked the ship that had taken their crew, and beamed most of them back. Dawn was beamed to a Science Lab, and almost killed Alice. However, Alice was able to come up with a cure, and the two were reunited.

During the final battle, the Paradise was damaged, but she made it through, and was repaired after spending three months in spacedock, during which Dawn asked Alice to marry her. Alice agreed, but they decided to wait for Peter Andrews, since she meant a lot to Dawn. Dawn also helped Alice to deal with her father’s death.

In 2382, Dawn and Alice wanted to serve together again, but Dawn was assigned to the USS Albatross, and Alice wasn’t. However, before the transfer took effect, Peter Andrews spoke to the captain of the Albatross, and both Dawn and Alice were assigned to the Peacemaker.