Name: Peter Andrews
Rank: Captain
Date of Birth: 25th November 2344
Place of Birth: Risa
Mother: Admiral Alynna Necheyev
Father: William Andrews (Deceased)
Wife: Mariah Andrews (Deceased)
Children: Amanda Andrews – 17, James and Jessica Andrews – 15
Siblings: None
Education History:
2359-2361 – Zephram Cochrane High School
2361-2365 – Starfleet Academy




Service Record:
2365-2371: USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D (Security Officer-Lt.)
2371-2372: Deep Space 9/USS Defiant NX-74205 (Security Officer-Lt. Commander)
March 2372: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (First Officer-Commander) (Five days)
March 2372-2379: USS Kirk NCC 73543 (Commanding Officer-Captain)
2379-2381: USS Teardrop 75642 (Commanding Officer-Captain)
2381-2382: Starfleet Medical (Patient)

Personal History:

Peter Andrews was born in 2344, on the planet Risa, while his parents were on vacation. He was the only son of William and Alynna Andrews, both Starfleet officers. Because of this, Peter was raised on Starships until he was 7.

Ten days after Peter turned 7, the ship they were on was caught in an ion storm, and the bridge was destroyed. William had been on the bridge when it was destroyed, so he had died. Alynna had been in her quarters, with Peter. After the ship was towed back to a Starbase, Alynna and Peter went to Earth to live.

Peter showed incredible talent in his studies, as well as showing great skills with computers. By the age of twelve, Peter could hack into almost any computer he wanted to.

When Peter turned 15, he was given admission to the Zephram Cochrane High School. There, he enjoyed all forms of mathematics, physics, and Quantum Theory. It was at the Zephram Cochrane High School that he met Alex Greystone. Alex was the same age as Peter, but was more interested in engineering theories. Peter and Alex quickly became best friends, both sticking up for one another.

They both entered Starfleet Academy at the same time, with Alynna, now a Starfleet Admiral, sponsoring them both. They also became members of the Red Squad, a team of elite cadets who were given special privileges. It was in Red Squad that Peter met Mariah Molino, a Betazoid who was a pilot. The two of them fell in love, and started dating.

In 2363, Mariah fell pregnant with Amanda, and dropped out of the Academy. However, she stayed with Peter, and Peter asked Mariah to marry him. Mariah, however, wanted to wait until he had left the Academy, and Peter agreed.

While in their last year, Peter and Alex met Chris Harriman. While Alex and Chris hardly saw one another, because of their studies, Peter and Chris became good friends with him, and Chris’s future wife, Sarah.

Near to the end of their time at the Academy, Alex and Peter were given permission to go to Risa on the PSS (Peter’s Starship) Horner. The Horner was a prototype for the Defiant Class, but was scrapped. Alynna then requisitioned the Horner, and she gave it to Peter, after installing holo-emitters onboard, so he could have it controlled. Peter then invited Chris and Sarah along for the ride.

However, they heard of a group of pirates looking for ancient artefacts. Peter and Chris wanted to go after them, but Alex and Sarah did not. It was then that the USS Enterprise, under the command of Jean Luc Picard, encountered the Horner. The Enterprise couldn’t go to deal with the pirates themselves, since she needed repair, but a team from the Enterprise, led by Commander William T. Riker, beamed aboard the Horner. She was also fitted with Photon Torpedoes and was used to track down the ancient artefacts, which turned out to be a historical statue from Andoria, which was priceless. Although the artefact was returned to Andoria, Alynna threatened to keep Peter from graduating, since he had disobeyed orders, until the Andorian Ambassador intervened, since he felt that Andoria owed Peter a great debt.

When Peter returned, Mariah revealed that she was pregnant, and this time, with twins. James and Jessica were born in 2365, shortly before Peter graduated. Just before the twins were born, Peter and Mariah got married, with both Alex and Chris acting as Best Man, and Chris was also named Godfather to James, Jessica and Amanda, while Sarah was Godmother. Alex also took the role of Godfather. The wedding also had the senior officers of the Enterprise as guests, with Captain Picard giving a speech.

When Peter graduated as Valedictorian of his class, he asked to serve on the Enterprise. Captain Picard and Commander Riker were more than willing to have Peter on board, and he was assigned to the Security department under Lt. Worf.

When the Enterprise was destroyed on Viridian 3, Peter signed about DS9, following Worf, although he stayed in Security under Constable Odo. He stayed there for a year, until the Nova Class USS Kirk was launched, under the command of Captain Tom Tevis. Peter was assigned as the First Officer, and Alex Greystone was assigned as Chief Engineer, but then, five days into the mission, Jem Hadar ships attacked the Kirk. Although the Defiant arrived to save the Kirk, Captain Tevis was killed, so Peter took command. Starfleet then officially made Peter the Captain of the Kirk, assigning Tara Donovan as the First Officer. Chris Harriman sent along personal congratulations to Peter, as did Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and the senior staff from the Enterprise and DS9. Peter had also made a new record; He had become a Captain at the age of 28, beating the record of Captain James T. Kirk. Peter always felt that it was ironic that his first command was named after the man whose record he had beaten.

Peter spent years on the Kirk, and was involved in several Dominion battles. Two years into her journey, the Kirk was assigned alongside a Klingon fleet, and a Starfleet ship. The fleet engaged a Jem Hadar fleet in battle, and the Tactical and Security Chief was killed. The Klingon’s provided an officer, Korg, to the Kirk to help them, and Korg proved to be a success. Peter then requested that Korg remain aboard the Kirk. Both the Empire and Starfleet agreed, and Korg was given the rank of Lt.

The Kirk was involved in the final battle in the Dominion war, and survived, thanks to the upgrades that Alex helped to make to the shields. The Kirk then resumed her scientific duties, cataloguing nebulas, and so on.

After the USS Dragon disappeared for three months, Peter had the Kirk search for it, despite being told it was a lost cause. When the Dragon returned, without Sarah, Peter met with Chris, and the two spent a lot of time speaking with one another, catching up. Peter also mourned the loss of Sarah, who had been a close friend of his.

In 2377, Tara Donovan was killed in a battle with an unknown alien species, and Kimberly Stone, who had been the Chief Operations Officer, was named First officer, and James Racktor was then assigned to be the Chief Operations officer.

Just before the Kiklar War began, Peter and Mariah sent the kids to Earth, because they didn’t want them to be in the line of danger. Peter also wanted to send Mariah to Earth, but she refused. The Kirk was assigned to the USS Titan’s task force, under Captain William T. Riker. Peter, Alex, Deanna and Will took the chance to catch up, before the Kirk was sent to map a nebula.

Commander Strokal of the Tal Shiar attacked the Kirk, and Peter led him into the Nebula. Although the Romulans had to leave the battle, the Kirk was too badly damaged, and was about to experience a warp core breach. Peter ordered the ship to be evacuated, and went to get Mariah. However, their quarters had taken damage, and Mariah was mortally injured, and died in Peter’s arms. Korg, Kimberly and James helped to evacuate Mariah’s body, and Peter.

Peter took the body to Betazed, where she was buried. Mariah’s family didn’t blame Peter, and they invited to have the kids stay with them. Peter agreed, and Mariah’s parents moved to Earth to watch the children. Peter was then assigned to the Modified Galaxy Class USS Teardrop. During the war, the Teardrop was assigned to lead a battlegroup, and encountered many battles.

In the final battle with the Kiklar, the Teardrop was severely damaged, and the helm officer, David Peters, who had served on the Kirk from the time Peter had, was badly wounded, and as soon as the Teardrop was evacuated, Dave flew the Teardrop into a Kiklar Cruiser, destroying it. Before the captain’s yacht could get clear, three droids beamed aboard, and Peter was badly wounded.

Peter spent the next year on Earth in Starfleet Medical, recovering from his injuries, and mourning the death of one of his best friends, Chris Harriman. He also attended the wedding of Vicky Allinson, and James Trikal. He felt the loss of Chris even more, as did Alex, and the crew of the Sentinel.

After eleven months at Medical, Peter was released, and spent a month asking Starfleet for a command position. His wish was granted, as he was assigned to the brand new USS Peacemaker, as Commanding Officer.