All written material posted on this page are copyright Daniel Balding. Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures. Information presented in the 'ship' section of the site is presented in a format inspired by The Daystrom Institute Technical Library. The website design, including all images, were created by Jon Wasik using various CGI models (called 'meshes'), credited below. Programs used to create the website and images included LightWave 3D by NewTek, Paint Shop Pro 7, and FrontPage Express.

For the website layout, the top left panel uses Sarod's Voyager. The top banner uses the Excalibur-class starship (v3) created by Steve Davis. Both the bottom left and bottom right panels use the Sentinel-class starship, designed and built in LightWave by Jon Wasik.

The link image for this website, found in the links section, as well as the banners for Episodes I and II, utilize the Sentinel Class starship, designed and created for LightWave by Jon Wasik.

The title image for Episode III utilizes the same Excalibur class starship credited above, created by Steve Davis and converted by Jedi2016. Planet in image uses NASA generated textures.

The title image for Episode IV "Parasites" utlizes the Sentinel class starship by Jon Wasik, planet textures are NASA generated.

The title image for Episode V "S31" uses the Intrepid class mesh by Sarod, the Magellan mesh (old, original one) by Steve Davis, converted to LightWave by WarriorDL (if I'm mistaken about who converted it, please let me know - remember this is the very old version, not the newer one.)

Title image for Episode VI "S31 Part II" includes the Deep Space Nine model by Dave Charnow and the USS Enterprise-E by Ralph Schoberth.

Title image for Episode VII "New Order" includes the Sentinel class mesh created by Jon Wasik.

Title image for Episode VIII "Into the Mirror" includes the Sentinel class mesh created by Jon Wasik and planet textures generated by NASA.

Title image by Episode IX "Into the Mirror, Part 2" includes the Intrepid class mesh created by Sarod.

Title image for Episode X "8 Hours" includes the Galaxy class mesh created by Trevor Morris and Ralph Shobert